Polymer Clay Faux Ceramic Glazed Necklace

August 11, 2006

Polymer Clay

Faux ceramic necklace

This is a Patricia Kimle knock-off from her recent article in step-by-step beads magazine. I loved the idea of buying buttons from the fabric store & making molds with them to create your own clay beads. I used the same buttons she used in her article on the necklace, but picked up about 30 more kinds to experiment with during a 50% off sale at JoAnns. ๐Ÿ™‚ What can I say, I have a weakness for craft supplies. See earrings for another example of the same technique with a different pattern. (There are more pics if you click on the full post.)

Here are the basic instructions:
Mix 1/4 package of white clay with 3/4 package of translucent. Roll a small ball of clay & press it between two molds to create your bead. Bake it in the oven, then glaze the bead with a mixture of alcohol inks, liquid sculpey, & clay softener. Throw it in the oven for another 15 minutes, then add some Future floor finish to the top to make it look like ceramic. Very easy to make & endless possibilities. Next time you’re in the fabric store…take a look in the button section! You might be inspired to make a creation of your own.the earrings

A closeup of some beads

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4 Responses to “Polymer Clay Faux Ceramic Glazed Necklace”

  1. Mom Says:

    Hi Pooh,
    I really enjoyed perusing your Blog. This necklace is really beautiful…you’ve come a long way from the sock doll. But I think the doll was pretty incredible for a 7-year-old. Thanks for sharing all this with us.


  2. France Says:

    What gorgeous beads!!!
    How funny, I was just posting about this same topic (porcelain) a day or two ago! I have used Sculpey Ultralight for this technique with great effects (except the first time, I rushed too much and used too much liquid clay on the beads I think, but I learned from that!)….
    I find for certain things that Sculpey Ultralight is a good cheaper alternative (not for everything though, didn’t do well with the shaving crema tech!).
    I’m sure white and translucent have a better quality in the end though!
    Did you find that the finish tends to be rubbery? Mine was..


  3. Laura Says:

    Thanks for dropping by the blog! I do love this technique. Funny enough, I gave a brief demo of it at my clay guild meeting this past weekend.

    In answer to your question – before I glaze the
    finished product…it may have a slightly rubbery feel
    to it, but not bad. Once the glaze is on there (I use
    Future floor finish) – that pretty much goes away.

    Loved your necklace too! Great texture to the beads. All of our guild members came this weekend with lots of different buttons to play with. I made about 10 molds, so it is time to try some more designs now! I haven’t tried using the ultralight
    with this technique, but I may have to try it now since you’ve had success.


  4. France Says:

    I did find your blog from Angela M’s (Crafty Goat) so I heard all about the guild ๐Ÿ™‚ I saw your new molds, really nice!! I’ll try glazing my pieces. I’m almost done my other lot of experiment when I’m done I’ll come here. I’ll add you to my Google Reader so I don’t lose you!


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