Sterling Silver Chunky Chain

December 15, 2006


This was the latest project I made in my silversmithing class. The chain is made from 14 & 16-gauge sterling silver wire. All links are soldered closed with every other link made of twisted wire. The toggle was also hand-made by soldering jump rings to a piece of square wire (see picture below).

Quick instructions: To twist your own wire…simply cut a long piece of wire (approximately 4 times more than the end length you want) -fold in half & attach looped end to a hook connected to a hand drill or electric drill & the other two ends to a vice. Twist until you get the look you want.

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One Response to “Sterling Silver Chunky Chain”

  1. Maiken Says:

    Got your card! Thanks a lot. It’s a bit scarry to think that it has already been 10 years.. how time goes by. I see you are still way too creative 🙂 I have 2 knitting project lying on standby and have 2 I wish to buy and one scarf I think I’ll knit very soon, the last one I knitted is almost worn down – does not look good anymore. But Falkenberg designs are quite expensive.

    Happy New Year.


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