Polymer Clay Tin – Lisa Pavelka @ CHA

February 2, 2007

Polymer Clay

Here is a polymer clay collage tin I made in a CHA class taught by Lisa Pavelka. I’m always impressed with what a wonderful public speaker & teacher she is.

About half the people in my class had never touched polymer clay before. As the VP of my local polymer clay guild, it was great to see so many people excited about working in this medium! We used waterslide decal photo transfers onto pearl FIMO clay, Ranger Perfect Pearls powders, and Lisa’s signature foils & texture sheets to create our tins. The base clay for the lid is black FIMO. Super easy to make & lots of fun. Lisa will be distributing her clay products this year through JHB. They’re not just a button company anymore!

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13 Responses to “Polymer Clay Tin – Lisa Pavelka @ CHA”

  1. anne Says:

    this is gorgeous! i’ve just begun working with polymer clay & it’s so fun!!


  2. Kimberley Dunbar Says:

    I really love your polymer clay tin, I just recently started to get into polymer clay, and because I live on the east coast, polymer clay isn’t something that people really do around where I live. So, I’ve had to learn from books, I’m still not great at doing it, but I’m trying to really learn.


  3. Kimberley Dunbar Says:

    Hi Laura, I was wondering if you might email me, I had some questions about your work, mostly just questions like, how do you keep finger prints from your polymer clay work? Do you use a buffer wheel? Etc… if you could email me back that would be great… Thanks, Kimberley Dunbar

    age 36, Disabled with Spina Bifida and in wheelchair, trying to learn how to do polymer clay on my own.


  4. Laura Says:

    Hi Kimberley! Thanks for dropping by the blog…I just sent you an e-mail in answer to your questions & also forwarded some helpful polymer clay links for reference. 🙂


  5. ruwaida Says:

    where can i learn about polymer clay in johannesburg


    • Laura Says:

      Try checking out the international polymer clay guild website to see if they have any connections to polymer clay guilds, workshops, teachers, etc. in the South African area. 🙂 Their website is http://www.npcg.org/


  6. Martie Rudolph Says:

    Hi there, Where can I buy polymer clay in johannesburg? I’m looking for some urgently.



    • Laura Says:

      Hi Martie – I’m not familiar with the S. African area. Your best guess would be to try to purchase online. Some US online stores might be willing to send to you abroad. Try Polymer Clay Express or Clay Alley. Thanks!


  7. robin Says:

    I started this morning on my first polymer clay piece, it is AWESOME stuff! really, and the work you do, fantastic!


  8. Migle Says:

    hi, your tin is just awesome, and I’m going to try to do something like that. So, I have few questions. How to make that prints on polimer clay would become darker? Where did you use foil and powders?


    • Laura Says:

      Hi Migle – the powders were used on black clay (in copper shade) after a texture sheet or rubber stamp was applied to the clay. The powders show up on the surface spots, but not where the clay was pressed in. The gold spots were where foil was applied and then a texture sheet or rubber stamp was pressed in. It revealed the dark clay beneath because the stamp “broke through” the foil if that makes sense? Good luck with your project!


  9. Migle Says:

    Ps.: Sorry for bad English



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