Celtic Cane Bracelet

February 21, 2007

Polymer Clay

Here is the bracelet I made in last weekend’s Sarah Shriver workshop.

The surface design is a simple cane made from Fimo Classic clay in black & cream. The initial cane was reduced, mirrored, manipulated, and mirrored several times again to create the finished design (which looks a bit like an ethnic textile).

Cane slices were placed onto a backing sheet, then put around a clay bracelet form and baked.The inside of the bracelet contains stretch elastic cording and there are cuts on either side of the bangle (hidden by the design) that open up so the bracelet can be slipped on your wrist.I can’t wait to experiment more with this new caning technique! Here are a couple of pieces that I bought from Sarah this weekend for inspiration. 🙂


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6 Responses to “Celtic Cane Bracelet”

  1. Marie Says:

    Hi, what a beautiful work.

    May I ask you something? I have to cover a glass with slices from a square cane.
    How do I have to do to get the good number of designs to go all around the glass?
    I’ve tried but sometimes I haven’t enough or sometimes I have too much slices. I put the slices onto a backing sheet too. Do you stretch this sheet to get the good circumference?
    Can you help me?

    Thank you.



  2. Laura Says:

    Bonjour, Marie!

    It completely depends on the size of the piece you are covering & the thickness of your cane slices. If you are able to cut very thin slices & adhere to a backing sheet…your cane will be able to cover more space.

    If you want the least amount of distortion in your cane & keep the design close to the original size, you won’t want to stretch your clay sheet too much at the end. I think the easiest way to know how much cane you need is to first measure the circumference of your object with a measuring tape. I’m going to use inches, but convert to the metric system if need be.

    Let’s say you are covering the rounded surface of a drinking glass. At it’s widest point, it is 7″ around and the glass is roughly 6″ tall. To ensure the entire space will be covered by your cane, you would need 42 square inches of a caned sheet (7″ x 6″). If your cane design is a 1″ square, that means you’ll need roughly 42 equally thick cane slices with 7 going across and 6 up & down. If your cane slices are thin – you should be able to lightly press the cane slices into your backing sheet & blend with a roller & the edges should meet. If your cane slices are thicker you may need to do some slight stretching. If you plan to roll your cane slices through the pasta machine in both directions several times…your pattern will stretch & you will definitely have more difficulty “aligning” the edges. It’s kind of a hit or miss then.

    Hope this info helps!


  3. Marie Says:

    Hi Laura,

    Thank you very much for answering me.
    You gave me ideas for covering my glass.
    I still have a problem. I can’t cover my glass with an integer number of cane slices.
    On your bracelet you seem to have a good number of slices . Does it mean that you built a cane with the good size at first or did you reduce it to have the good number of slices?
    What was the interest to put slices on a backing sheet as you said.
    I thought that it was a “tip” for arranging slices around the circumference of the bracelet.

    Thank you again. I’m waiting for your “instructions”.



  4. Laura Says:

    I reduced the cane to the size where I liked the design and it was roughly an inch or 3/4″ across, I believe. I knew I needed around 7″ to go around the bracelet…so that required a specific number of cane slices. After they were placed on a backing sheet & smoothed…I think I slightly stretched them to fit. If you do a little stretching while the clay is still warm…you won’t have cracking & the design won’t be distorted much. If you try to stretch too much, though, you will run into problems.

    For your glass…I would either reduce your can slightly, or go with one fewer cane slice & stretch very carefully. Keep in mind…a thick backing sheet will require more circumference of your cane to go around the circle…so if you use a thinner backing sheet, you may not have to stretch as much.

    Hope that helps a lil’ bit & good luck!


  5. Lisa Says:

    Was hoping you might be able to help me. My dear friend gave me a beautiful silver clasp bracelet which was engraved on the outside with the words “adam carra” which I was told meads “soul mate”. Would you know how I might be able to replace it? It was plane, flat silver clasp about 3/8th inch wide. I would love to replace the one I lost and give her one too.
    I so appreciate your help.


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