Effie’s fam

October 19, 2010


Effie thought he’d introduce you to his siblings.
So without further ado… meet Ollie, Rosie & Georgie.

(Effie’s the baby in the family, so he usually gets pushed to the back of the line.)

When they’re not eating, serenading Jack with their trumpeting, or romping around, you can find them relaxing at the local window ledge, taking in the afternoon sun.

Don’t they make quite the family?

Now seriously, how cute are these guys?!?! And let me tell ya, they are super simple to make. Once you figure out how to sew one, you’ll be gathering all your fabric scraps to create your own herd!

I picked up my pattern from a local sewing store called CityCraft, but you can buy an Effie & Ollie pattern online here.

These lil’ guys make a wonderful matching addition to a handmade quilt, blanket, or other gift and can be completed in about an hour. They also take very little fabric to create, so are a great way to use up your scraps. I think it might even be fun to mix different fabric scraps on one and see how it turns out. What do ya think?

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2 Responses to “Effie’s fam”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Did you have any trouble pinning the body gusset to the top of the body?

    I seem to be stuck at this point! The gusset seems too short a piece to make it from the tail all the way to the trunk.


    • Laura Says:

      Hi Rebecca – I think you might need to ease the fabric a bit, but it will fit from the tail up to near the trunk (point A in the pattern). Basically there is a triangle where the gusset meets the top front on the elephant’s forehead…so as long as you can reach to that point, you should be ok. (Not sure that explanation really helped?) Make sure you clip the curves as well which will help the different parts have a lil’ more give and meet up easier as you go along.

      Happy sewing!


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