All done with the anthro-inspired quilt!

March 13, 2011


So what do you think? I put it on my bed and immediately went…now I need to make some cute matching pillows! *lol* I decided I couldn’t wait to share the finished project with you, though, so old pillows will just have to do.

I ended up quilting every vertical row and every other horizontal one. My lil’ Kenmore machine was strugglin’ a bit with the size of the king-size duvet, but it came through in the end.

The canvases above my bed are prints from the Kelly Rae Roberts collection (manufactured by Demdaco). Love her work. It has such a positive energy and always makes me smile!

Thanks again to the gals at kojodesigns for the great tutorial. I couldn’t be happier with my new anthro-inspired bedding!

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4 Responses to “All done with the anthro-inspired quilt!”

  1. mom Says:

    Oh, what a great job you did on this quilt!!! I’m so proud of you!!

    It really looks nice on your bed. AWESOME!!!

    Big hug, and a high five.



  2. Tara Says:

    I LOVE IT!!! Can you tell me what seam allowance you sewed it at? Will that amnt of squares fit any king size comforter ot does it need to be a certain dimension?? Please help, I want to sew it soon?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Laura Says:

      Hi Tara,

      I used approximately 1/2″ seam allowances with 5 pleats on each side (the finished squares were around 12″ x 12″). I used jersey fabric with stretch which is pretty forgiving on the size (it’s ok if all your squares aren’t identical…once you sew them together, they’ll look great!) I think most King-size duvets are the same size. You’ll end up with 7 squares across and 8 squares in length. I bought my King-size duvet at Target for around $20. They sell them at IKEA for around that price as well.

      Good luck with your own anthro-inspired quilt! Post a link to your finished one when you’re done. I’d love to see it!


  3. Vicki @ The Sassy Pickle Says:

    Holy crap! This looks amaaazing. I’ve been oogling over that Anthro comforter forever. Really really impressive!


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