2012-05 Copic Club – polymer clay airbrushed pendants

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  1. Patsy Davila Says:

    have some questions before next class at iaa:
    1) Have you done any zippered pouches from chip bag, cat food bags, coffee bags etc.?
    2) do you need any plastic zippers for pouches or other artwork?
    3) Have you done shrinky dinks using copic markers?
    4) Do you teach polymer clay at iaa??


    • Laura Says:

      Patsy – 1) Thanks for showing me your zipper pouch from old chip bag…very cool!, 2) I’m good on zippers at the moment. Was able to pick up a ton at an estate sale on the cheap, 3) I have not tried that. My guess is that it should work, though may not be as opaque as Sharpie markers, and 4) i do not currently teach polymer clay classes at iaa. Thanks!


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