2013-04 Copic Club – Lulu loves Poppies

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  1. Wona Chennault Says:

    Hi, I am a quilter. But lately I have picked embroidery up after many years. Do I understand correctly that you are the artist for this stamp?

    Right now I have some material that has inspired me and I am looking for something to embroidery on black fabric to be a center piece to a quilt. My original thoughts were that I wanted to do something that looks like botanical pictures of single poppies and to be honest I am still leaning towards that. I want to do a tall one off the one side and maybe two of three that were close up. I was searching and found some free coloring pages that I thought were pretty.

    Then I saw this and thought this might be really pretty too. Of course the size of a stamp would not work and it would need to be blown up. But I am wondering if you would mind me doing this or if I could purchase a pattern from you and how much it might cost? I do not sell my quilts so I am not looking to spend a ton of money on something but I would be willing to pay if the price were reasonable.


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