I recently put together a series of Hero Arts stamped travel cards featuring some black & white travel photos of mine from over the years.  As I was flipping through boxes of old pictures, it brought back a lot of great memories.  In my late teens & twenties, travel was one of my biggest passions.  I was blessed with the opportunity to study, vacation, or work in 21 different countries.    Even now, I still get that excited feeling in my stomach, and my heart starts to flutter when I step off of a plane into a completely new & different culture. 

My journey started when I was 17 years old and had the opportunity to fly to Paris & study abroad at the Sorbonne for a summer. (Thanks mom & dad!)  What an incredible city.  I had always heard stories from Americans that were treated rudely by the French, but I was so surprised at just how generous & friendly they all were during my stay.  I’m sure I completely mutiliated the language, but everyone that I met was more than willing to communicate when I at least attempted my meager French.  I lived in a converted convent in the middle of the 6th arrondissement, Odeon.  

I’m still surprised by the memories that have stuck with me over the years…like the first time I tasted a fresh Paris peach bought from a fruit stand on the way to class.  Or my first nutella & banana crepe – I still get cravings for them! (notice the food theme here? *LOL*) Then there was my first rock concert… of all things Guns n’ Roses.  A bit surreal to be in a stadium of 20,000 French people yelling “Welcome to the Jungle”.  😉 And let’s not forget the art.  I think Paris was my first real exposure to the artistic world.  I remember walking into the Rodin museum, seeing the sculpture “Le Baiser” (The Kiss – shown above) and having my jaw literally drop open.  Or stepping into a large room in the Louvre to find Paul Delaroche’s “La Jeune Martyre” staring back at me (pictured to left). The painting is actually the size of an entire wall, and it literally took my breath away. I bought a print of it years ago for my bedroom,  but was later convinced by friends that it isn’t the best feng shui to have a drowned woman hanging over your bed. Can’t really argue that one. *LOL*  

So back to the crafting…I ran across a B&W photo of the Eiffel tower and decided to use it for the first card in the series since it mimics the stamp.  You can get the full supply list & directions to the card here on the HA webpage.  Stay tuned for more travel stories/cards coming soon!