The third card in my Hero Arts travel series features London.

London has always  been one of those cities that I have traveled through to get someplace else.  I don’t think I spent any time there until the end of college when I was studying abroad.  My Danish friend Maiken & I decided to take a Spring Break holiday and we chose Dublin & London as our destinations.

Now I have to admit that at the time, I was a pretty “enthusiastic” U2 fan.  So a trip to the Emerald Isle was a sort of mecca for me.  After several fabulous days in Ireland, we ended up in London not really knowing how it would compare.  We had a great time during our short stay, though.  I remember touring Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, seeing the Tower Bridge, London Dungeons, & Buckingham Palace.  We trolled through the shops at Camden street market (bringing a few treasures home with us) & purchased discount tickets to see a production of The Phantom of the Opera (which as I recall, we watched from behind a large pole. *LOL*)

I have returned once or twice since, and there are certain things I love about the city.  I love that it is a massive metropolis, and yet you can find small quaint neighborhoods with darling private gardens in the middle of it all.  I love the British dry sense of humor, and how can you not adore a country that can produce TV shows like The Office, Extras, & Coupling?  I love the intense national spirit of the British that emerges anytime one mentions the words “football”, “Manchester United”, or dare I say it, “David Beckham”?  *LOL*  …although maybe Becks isn’t so popular now that he’s joined us on this side of the pond. 😉

Yes – London has some fond memories & is a city with many hidden gems.  It’s latest is the addition of a dear friend that moved back to the city last month.  I miss you Minu and hope to see you soon!!!

The image used in the card below was taken during my trip with Maiken.  It was originally in color, but I converted it into B&W with photoshop before printing.  Don’t you just love how striking & regal monuments look in black & white?  All of the stamps used on this card are from Hero’s new 2008 catalog.  The full instructions & supply list can be found on Hero’s site here.  Thanks for dropping by!