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In a time where there is a much-needed focus on “being green”, I’ve been thinking more & more about how to use the existing supplies around my house before running out to buy something new. In fact, I may start some new weekly challenges to that effect.

To start off with, I thought I’d share one of my latest “recycled” creations.

I found this beautiful mahogany-colored basket in the attic of my mom’s house. I decided it was begging for a new life… and what better way than to use some polymer clay to spruce it up again!

I think it will make a great gift basket for someone (perhaps with a bottle of wine & some cheese), or maybe it will see life in a bathroom holding washcloths, towels, etc. Who knows?!

Here is a close-up…

For those that are interested, this is very simple to make. I used Studio by Sculpey polymer clay (made by Polyform) in Clover, Coffee Bean, & Iris along with a grape leaf template created from a chipboard cutout from one of my Cuttlebug Fall Leaf dies that looks like this:

The leaves were rolled out to about a #4 on the pasta machine, then I used a craft knife to cut out the shapes. The spirals were snakes of clay wrapped around a knitting needle, then gently removed & attached to the leaves before baking. The grapes are just small round balls rolled to approx the same size & placed on an Iris-colored backing sheet. I added a small loop of clay to the back of each bunch of leaves/grapes so that after the pieces were baked & antiqued with brown acrylic paint, I could insert a piece of dark wire, and attach them to the basket. What do ya think? 🙂