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Thought I’d share a couple of abstract encaustic paintings that I recently made. I tend to create with a lot of structure in my cardmaking & polymer clay work, so it’s been interesting to try my hand at abstract art.

I started off with this small painting (5″x7″) using cream, teal, & orange hues with a hint of sap green. The surface texture was created using a scrap of burlap which was painted & then fused onto the piece using a heat gun. Underneath the wax paint is a map of a French city. You can see it show through in a couple of places… but I ended up covering up most of it with opaque color.


After finishing this one – I decided to mimic it on a larger scale on a 10×10″ cradled wood panel.

Here is the result which is fairly close to the original considering encaustic is an unpredictable medium. No two pieces are ever identical no matter how hard you try! That makes for a lot of fun surprises, though. 🙂