After our adventures in buttercream, my friend Mimi & I decided to give fondant & royal icing a try.


Believe it or not, this cake is only 3.5″ around!

We baked chocolate sheet cakes and then used large biscuit cutters to cut out the tiers. We torted them and then added the fondant along with some piped royal icing. The small flowers were made with fondant cutters, and the rose petals were individually shaped & put together like you’d do with polymer clay. We added a little bit of edible shimmer with Wilton pearlescent dust. 🙂 I gave this one to my new neighbor as a “welcome to the neighborhood” gift!

Am loving the mini-desserts right now…all the fun without all the calorie guilt. (well maybe a lil’ calorie guilt – but that’s what elliptical machines are for!) *lol*