I love the whole concept of upcycling… taking something old, getting crafty, and giving it a whole new life.

Ever accidentally wash a fav wool sweater and shrink it to half it’s size? Well – I’m actually doing that on purpose these days! My latest obsession is trolling through local thrift stores searching for pretty wool sweaters to felt. *lol*

I’ve been hoarding sweaters like pretty patterned paper. Anybody know that feeling? I finally decided to cut into some of them to create a gift for a friend who loves ice cream cones. The project was designed by Betz White and came from her fab book Warm Fuzzies: 30 Sweet Felted Projects.

Felted ice cream tape measure

Check out what it’s hiding!

Felted Ice cream tape measure

Yup – a sweet surprise. Ice cream cone turned tape measure. Gotta love that.
Check out this darling mushroom tape measure Betz designed as well. Might have to try that one next!

Want to see more felty goodness? Click below to look inside the book…

Warm Fuzzies