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Back in March, a new member joined my household…

Meet Gus.

Gus was dumped in my neighborhood in pretty rough shape with no collar or microchip. The pic above was taken before his first visit to the groomers. That’s some crazy hair! *lol*

He’s scrappy as scrappy can be, but has lots of love to share too. Over the last four months…we’ve been through A LOT of squeaky toys.

Rather than buying new ones each time he wore one out, I thought I’d take a shot at making one myself with some leftover scraps from other sewing projects.

I traced out a bone shape on copy paper to create a pattern, then cut two pieces out of sturdy canvas. I took some scraps from my buttercup purse project and added lil’ chew ties on one-side (he loves those things). I then sewed the shape together, leaving a small hole to turn inside out. I stuffed the bone with polyfil and added a squeaker from a “retired” toy before closing it up. The finished project looks like this…

Gus thought it was love at first sight…

This lil’ guy could literally play fetch all day!

I picked up a pack of 6 extra squeakers for only $1.99 at Petsmart. Think I’ll try some new toys soon. I might put together a lil’ tutorial if anyone has an interest in patterns & step-by-step photo instructions.