To celebrate the beginning of my 35th year on this planet, I decided to create a custom painting for my guest bedroom that would be a daily reminder of living life to the fullest.

I came across this brilliant tutorial from V & Co on making your own custom wall art. So I dusted off my trusty Silhouette SD machine, downloaded a few diecut images, then grabbed some vinyl and a large 24 x 36″ canvas.

Since the canvas I was using was so large, I had to piece together several cut images to get the final collage. (Note to self: Use the Silhouette-brand transfer paper instead of clear Contact paper next time…Contact paper is too sticky and won’t transfer the vinyl properly!)

“Dream out Loud” (one of my fav phrases) was cut out using the Engravers MT font and was transferred onto the canvas using scotch tape to ensure the letters were aligned properly.

After the vinyl was in place, I added two layers of Rustoleum spray paint (in Wildflower Blue) across the entire canvas and left it to dry.

After approximately 45 minutes, I began peeling away the vinyl to reveal the white silhouette beneath. You can see places where the vinyl was not flush against the canvas, but I think it sort of gave an ethereal feel to the flowers.

Once all the vinyl was peeled away, it revealed the final painting…

I added some wire to the back and hung it up just in time for a house guest who arrived that evening!

I highly recommend this project to anyone with a digital cutting machine. It was tons of fun and fairly easy to make (thanks again to Vanessa for the tutorial!). I’m guessing more canvases like this one will be showing up in my house in the near future.

Anyone else made any wall art lately? I’d love to see links to your projects!