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I love the idea of taking something old, and giving it a whole new life. Word got around that I’m collecting old wool and cashmere sweaters for crafting, and one of my neighbors dropped by with this beautiful powder-blue, cashmere beauty.

Because the sweater was a turtleneck, it meant it had lots of usable “fabric”. It was perfect for testing out a new pattern from Betz White’s book Sewing Green. I had fallen in love with the “Luxe” dog toy & hat set. What do ya think?

Instead of using wool felt like the book instructed, I picked up some chocolate brown bamboo felt from my local sewing store, Citycraft. Now let me tell ya – this stuff is S-O-F-T! Combine it with cashmere and you’re in heaven. The plaid fabric for the ears and tail also came from Citycraft.

The sewing was all fairly simple (a beginner could make these), and don’t they make fabulous custom gifts for friends or family? I mean what kid wouldn’t look darling in this get-up with the goofy tassles? *lol*

After using the simple patterns from the book, I was able to make not one… not two… but three sets from one single sweater. (Two have already made their way to new homes.)

Want to make your own? You can pick up a copy of the Sewing Green book here.

If you don’t have a generous neighbor giving away cashmere sweaters, try your local thrift stores. I’ve found a dozen or more cashmere sweaters at Goodwill for under $8 each. Just look for the largest size possible (preferably crew neck or turtleneck) so you get more usable fabric, and avoid sweaters with large stains or visible holes. Happy hunting!