I recently found some cute hair clip findings at my local Hobby Lobby store with small blanks at the top. They were begging to be embellished with polymer clay, so I pulled out some scraps in different colors and began hand-sculpting miniature roses.

To ensure the delicate petals wouldn’t chip, I used Kato polymer clay. Kato is known for its strength, so it is perfect for this type of project. To make sure the roses stayed put, I used a strong two-part epoxy glue to attach the baked flowers to the clips.

Once I got started, I couldn’t stop! I made a number of these to sell at a Holiday Bazaar (in salmon, yellow, red, dark blue, & light blue) along with handmade placards to display them.

As I plan on making more of these this year, I’d love your input on other colors to test out. Any suggestions?

I’m guessing these hair clip findings would also work great with polymer clay cane slices, daisy-style sculpted flowers, and more…the possibilities are really endless!