I spent Sunday with my friend Mimi baking and decorating cookies to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We tested out a new marbling technique we’d seen in one of her books.

These look a lot harder than they are to make! All you have to do is mix three different colors of royal icing (we used a base of white with red & pink accents). Pipe alternating stripes across the base color, then drag a toothpick up and down the lines before the icing hardens. Too easy, right?!

You can also pipe single color dots around the border and drag your toothpick down from the top creating lil’ heart-shapes along the way (like the white & pink cookie below).

The house-shaped cookies were special gifts for my neighborhood gal pals. I decided to dress them up for our Valentine’s Day get together…

Now my head is brimming with ideas for marbled St. Patrick’s Day, Fourth of July, and Christmas cookies this year!

Want to check out some other fab cookie ideas? Click below to look inside the Cookie Swap book by Julia Usher (one of the best I’ve seen). The heart cookies shown on the cover were our inspiration!