I recently decided to take down the old 80’s ceiling fan over my craft area and replace it with an upcycled chandelier. I visited my local ReStore (which is basically a thrift store for building supplies that supports Habitat for Humanity). I was expecting to find the old standard brass fixtures on the lighting shelves, but was amazed to find this crystal beauty, which I picked up on sale for only $50.

Now sadly, I failed to take a pic of the original which was pretty, but dark brown. I know – hard to tell the before and after, right?

To turn it “shabby chic”, I disassembled all the glass pieces and spray painted the base metal white. After reassembling, I added a home-sewn white cotton fabric sleeve to cover up the ugly chain at the top that goes into the ceiling.

My friend Sean graciously offered his services to help install it (knowing I’d probably manage to electrocute myself, if left to my own devices). I’m so happy with the results! It’s amazing the big difference a change in lighting can make in a room.


And how cool are the shadows cast on the ceiling when the light is on?!

Anyone else been re-decorating or renovating lately? Would love to see links to your projects!