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I have a tendency to dive into new craft obsessions, and my latest has been collecting vintage sheets and bed linens. Similar to felted sweaters, I love the idea of taking something old and breathing new life into it.

I’ve visited my fair share of thrift stores over the last few months in search of these “treasures” to take home with me. After amassing a large pile of sheets, I realized it was time to create something with them or risk being labeled an official sheet-hoarder. *lol*

I have seen some fabulous vintage quilts online… and decided to make a simple block version.

To start, I pulled out my trusty rotary cutter, and began making piles of 6.5″ squares.

After the squares were cut from 40 different patterned sheets and pillowcases, I started to sew them together into rows of 10. The quilt is 12 rows long, so each pattern is repeated 3 times. With 1/4″ seams, the finished quilt will be 60″ x 72″… a great size for getting cozy on the couch.

Here’s a lil’ preview of the squares all laid out…they will be sewn together later this week and then it’ll be time for quilting!

Love the way all the random colors and patterns come together in an eclectic mix. Who says you have to use one color scheme?

Interested in making your own, but don’t want to do troll through thrift stores? You can find some fabulous pre-washed sheets for purchase on Esty here.