Nuclear frosting & adventures in cake decorating

My friend, Mimi, and I recently took a Wilton 101 cake decorating class at our local craft store. We learned basic piping skills, how to make buttercream icing and how to turn it into a festive celebration of sugar…or so we thought.

I decided to test out my skills on my co-workers, and learned a few important things:

Lesson #1: When the package says the icing colors are highly concentrated…you should believe it. Otherwise, you just might end up with alien green & florescent pink. *lol*

Lesson #2: Cake decorating is just like papercrafting…when you have an accident, you cover it up with an embellishment or decide it was a “design decision” and turn it into something else entirely.

After baking my first 8″ cake, I was attempting to frost it with thick icing & it quickly began to crumble away. Left with a divet the size of a baseball, I decided it was time to get creative. So I lopped off a fourth of the cake and turned it into this…


Any guess as to what it is? One of my co-workers said…”oh, it’s the Eiffel tower, right?”. Hmmm…not exactly what I was going for, unless you consider it in a Picasso-esque modern art kinda way. *lol*

So what was it supposed to be? Did you guess?

Yes – a purse. See the buckle & knobs on bottom? Though you can’t see it in this pic, there was a handle on top too. The HB2U is a happy birthday sentiment tag message. I mean you see purses like this in bright green & pink on the street, right? 😉

Lesson #3: Tiered cakes are really hard to transport already assembled. I made a second mini-tiered cake in addition to the purse one using 6″, 4″ & 3″ rounds. The good news is – it didn’t crash & burn in the car…but I had it carefully perched in a cardboard box with several wood dowels supporting the insides. I used up the rest of my nuclear icing and added my co-workers’ name to the front (professional, eh?) *lol* Though it may look a little frightful, they were both pretty tasty in the end!

Hope's bday cake

Gettin’ crafty…

Today we had an Easter Bonnet competition at work. Basically, you create the wackiest looking contraption you can come up with that can perch on your head. 😉

This was my contribution:

He wasn’t a winner – but it was still fun to join in the goofy display.
The base purple “hat” is actually an easter basket turned upside down with the handle cut off. I added a plush bunny basket on top of that and hid a green floral block inside to hold the butterflies. The wire was painted white with gesso & then die-cut butterflies (Sizzix) were attached. The floral foam was covered with purple grass and a few plastic easter eggs to top it off. I added some gingham ribbon on the inside so that it could be tied under your chin. Yeah, I know, ridiculous… but sometimes we need to let our inner kid out. 🙂

Happy Easter!

Happy Day After Christmas!

Here’s a gift I made for my mom this year. It was from a Recollections class (so sad their stores will be closing soon!) The box was first painted with acrylic paints, then decoupaged with Recollections-line papers, and finally embellished with metal-embossed corners & a cross. The metal was tinted with black acrylic paint & Ranger alcohol inks. The cross also has a polymer clay focal piece in the center made with black Premo! clay covered in Perfect Pearls. 🙂 Molds used for the metal embossing are from Ten Seconds Studios.