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New York…

So the next card in the Hero Arts series is for New York.  It comes with another trip down memory lane.

Have any of you been to the Big Apple?  My first trip to New York was at the end of my Senior year in college.  I had been interning for an investment bank in Dallas over the summer & flew to NYC for an interview with the same firm.  It went something like this…fly to JFK, drive to Manhattan in a taxi in the pouring down rain, interview for 2 hours, drive in taxi back to JFK in pouring rain, fly back home.  So I can honestly say I never really “saw” the city during that first visit, but I vowed to go back. 

Within the next year,  I took a Finance job at an airline and began my love affair with NYC.  My first real impression of the city involved its energy.  There is an indescribable “buzz” that resonates through you when you’re there.  No matter what time of day it is, you can always find something going on around each street corner…art, music, theatre, amazing restaurants, etc.  There’s a reason they called the HBO series “Sex AND the city”.  The city played just as important a character as Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, or Samantha. 🙂

Over the years, I visited NY at least nine times.   There were music trips to see concerts like Nathalie Merchant, U2, & the Tibetan Feedom concert at Carnegie Hall.  There were trips to visit friends, see botanical gardens, hang out in Central Park, & troll through museums like the Met & the Whitney.  I remember night visits to the top of the Empire State building, open air bicycle cab rides through Times Square, and a baseball game at Yankee Stadium.

Like everyone else in the country, when I first heard about the events of 9/11, I was in shock.  During my visits, I used to stay in the Millenium Hilton which was directly across from the twin towers & was taken out the day they collapsed.  There were so many people lost in a tragic moment.  But in my visits since that time, I can see the resilience of the American spirit.  The businesses are open again, the tower site is a memorial, and there is a sense of hope in the air.  Although I don’t think I’d ever live there, I do love the city & highly suggest a visit if you’ve never been! 

The card I designed features a B&W shot I took of the Statue of Liberty.  The Art flowers & pearls are new by Hero Arts this year.  I just love the texture they lend to cards! You can get full instructions & the supply list on Hero’s website here.  Thanks for looking!