Polymer Radial Blend Bowl

Nancy Lotzer, one of the talented members of our local polymer clay guild, did a great demo at this month’s meeting on how to make these fabulous ripple bowls. She is so creative! The bowls have a radial Skinner blend that looks so beautiful in the finished product.

I used Premo! clay in the one pictured here (white, red, blue, & green pearl). I love all the rainbow colors you get when you blend them together. Can’t share any more secrets since this is Nancy’s technique, but I love how the end result almost looks like a flower…

Happy claying!

Polymer Bracelet/Pendant Set

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any polymer work. I’ve been working on projects for Polyform, but unfortunately, I can’t share any of those here! I decided to post a pendant/bracelet set I made a while back. I have sets of these in different colors, but this one is in a happy shade of orange. 🙂

The pendant has a frame of sterling silver around it. I found it at a local silver store – though you can make your own by flattening silver wire & soldering it in the desired shape. For the clay, I’ve used simple flower, leaf, and striped canes on basic black.

Polymer Clay Caned Pendant

The bracelet uses sterling spacer beads & is textured with swirls on the inside:

Polymer Clay Caned bracelet

Happy Claying!

A bouquet of roses – miniaturized!

Diane's Miniature Roses

Diane Foster just retired her presidency of our local polymer clay guild. Part of the tradition of the outgoing president is to make a small gift for the officers. Diane spent years making miniatures…and believe it or not, she does it without a magnifying glass! I was amazed when she handed me this darling bouquet of sweet pink roses as her parting gift. What a pleasant surprise! They are so delicately formed, and to give you an idea of just how tiny they are, I pictured them here with a coin. All I could find tonight was a Chinese Yuan. *LOL* It is about the size of a quarter.

Diane's Miniature Roses

Amazing, eh? I never cease to be amazed by the talent of our local PC Guild. I’m looking forward to getting started with our meetings again in August. 🙂

Skinner blends…

In my last post, I failed to show you what the back of the pendants looked like! 😀

I used a couple of skinner blends for the gradiated color. Since my translucent clay wasn’t cooperating much on day 2 of the workshop, I don’t have any pieces yet to show you with image transfers…but I’ll be sure to post some as soon as they are complete. TFL!

Kathleen Dustin Workshop – Day 1

Today I had the privilege of attending a Kathleen Dustin polymer clay workshop. I have admired her work for years, and was thrilled to get a chance to learn from her first-hand. She is both a generous & kind teacher. She shared so much knowledge in a short amount of time & provided everyone endless amounts of encouragement. Her enthusiasm for the medium shines through…it’s no wonder that she received the Smithsonian’s “Excellence in Design Of the Future” award!

I finished four focal beads in today’s class & created the two below necklaces with them incorporating drawing, inclusions, carving & canework into each piece. IRL, the beads have a lot of depth to them. Tomorrow we’ll be working on incorporating image transfers to similar pieces. I can hardly wait!

Kathleen Dustin Workshop Pendant #1

Kathleen Dustin Workshop Pendant #2